Little about Levitra

Levita – drug for people who are looking for a alternative if they cannot use Viagra. Levitra is one of the best alternatives, it is worldwide known. It is legal and a effective drug for treating ED (erectile dysfunction).

Side Effects:

1. Weak flushing
2. Small headache
3. Sometimes indigestion
4. Stuffy or runny nose

Very rare:

1. Allergic reactions
2. Breathing problems
3. Changes in hearing
4. Chest pain
5. Irregular heartbeat
6. Muscle aches
7. Back pain


Levitra pills should not be taken if are in one of these conditions:

1. If your system is sensitive to any ingredient of the pills.
2. If you have been having heart problems recently.
3. If you are not aloud to have a sexual activity.
4. If are using other pills at the moment.
5. If you have hypotension.

How to store Viagra?

Here is how you should store Levitra:

1. Must be stored at temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C
2. Keep out of the reach of children or pets.
3. Throw away unused pills after the expiration date.
4. Keep the pill inside its original container.
5. Keep away from sunlight.


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